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if you put love into a calculator
it’d say you’re pretty pathetic
if I stay cool, silent and cynical
I can convince them all that I get it
you think it’s noble to be vulnerable
that loss is the cost of love in the end
well if heartbreak is growth, then I take my sacred oath
to never love nothing again
and when I reach the gates
they’ll ask my “what did you learn?”
and I’ll just shake my head and shrug
I never managed to catch my breath
in the time between world wars and group hugs
you silly humans, run your tiny races
build, destroy ‘til the buzzer blows
I’ll go find a cave somewhere
that will mold my heart into stone


but maybe one day I’ll think of you
looking down from my ivory tower
‘cause time erodes even a heart of stone
though I’ll fight it with all of my power
we’re always gonna try again
and we’re always gonna get burned
but having the will to get back up
is the greatest skill I haven’t learned
I thought I was king on this great, big board
but it’s great to be a pawn
so as you run your race
look in the crowd to see my face
‘cause girl, I’ll be rootin’ you on

this ain’t goodbye
I’m just seeing how long I can hold my breath
this ain’t goodbye
you’ll be my air when I’ve got none left


from The Caribbean Winter, released April 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Junior College College Station, Texas

if I stay cool, silent and cynical, I can convince them all that I get it

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