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alone I lay, another sleepless night
counting the stars but always losing my place
sifting through the static to decode some secret message
that if I left this minute, I’d be gone without a trace

I’ll pass through the day like a homeless guy on Wall Street
brushing shoulders with shareholders
having no stake of my own
drowning out surroundings when reality comes to haunt me
retreating to my mind, ‘cause I’m so scared my cover’s blown

‘cause I have nothing holding me here
no nothing I’d have to see again
I don’t care about any of my friends’ whereabouts
if I’d even call them friends

if I died tonight, there’d be no mail in my mailbox
they’d wonder who ever lived in the house I called my home
I’ll be God-knows-where, thrashing in the torrent
‘cause everything’s unbearable when you’re bearing it alone

I’d rather they burn an effigy
at least there’d be something left of me
but my body’s the only cord tying my memory to the ground
I’ll float away like I’m full of helium, and in that final delirium
I’ll have something to say, but there’ll be no one around

I could pass away any given day
frankly, I’d be relieved
‘cause it’s hard to balance the weight of the world
when you’re lighter than the air you breathe


from The Caribbean Winter, released April 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Junior College College Station, Texas

if I stay cool, silent and cynical, I can convince them all that I get it

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